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Life for mankind began in a garden, as God created Adam from the dust of the earth and placed him in the Garden of Eden. Then the Lord told Adam to tend the garden. There are many spiritual applications in the Bible pertaining to gardens and agriculture, from the sowing of seeds, to being fruitful and multiplying, to reaping a harvest. Being located in the agricultural area of Peach County, Georgia, the Lord has blessed the fellowship at Calvary Chapel Heartland with several acres of rich, fertile soil that is ideal for growing crops and producing a variety of fresh produce. Here at Heartland, we not only feed our spirit and soul with the Word of God, but also our physical needs with fresh produce and eggs as well. How much does it cost you say? Let’s just say “the price has been paid”. So come and hear the Word and get your veggies too!

Hot Pepper
Thai Eggplant
37" Circumference Pumpkin in 2 Weeks
Happy Gardening
Garden Around the Fire
2 Weeks Pumpkin
Henry Happily Harvested His Pumpkin
Our Winner Noah
137 LB Pumpkin
A little Seed Grew into a 137 LB Pumpkin
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